Why is TerraDesic Different?

TerraDesic provides energy and environmental technology benefits to communities,
by attracting technology talent with a direct ownership and share in the commercial successes of their contribution.

Technology Team Co-operatives -
Providing Inventors Legal Co-Ownership of Manufacturing and I.P. Revenues

Action/Solution based Technology Development -
Fast Track project choices focused on tangible, manufacturable, innovation.
Accelerated delivery of innovation to the community and revenue return to Inventor Teams.

Community Based Innovation -
Delivering beneficial technologies that can be directly applied within communities.

Innovation that is feasible, accessible, and relevant for families, businesses, and farms.

Innovator-to-Classroom Mentoring & World Perspective Contacts -
Connecting young minds with an international resource of creative thinkers.
Introducing "Applied Learning" and "Innovative Logic" to our next generations.

Open-Sourcing for Cottage Industry Opportunities -
Providing economically challenged communities a blueprint for establishing new commerce.
Preemptively  "seeding" license fee and royalty revenue opportunity for innovated products.

TerraDesic cultivates both the source and the application of solutions -
The TerraDesic software engine provides the means to organize unlimited,
simultaneous innovation teams.

Terradesic files patent application on behalf of innovation team, with rights
formally secured by way of  a "Mutual Intellectual Property Agreement"

Terradesic collaborates with economic development councils, education, and organizations to initiate programs to connect needs and solutions.   

The real Innovators in today's society rarely own their innovations. Central organizations (governments & corporations), determine our technological futures.

And although the wisdom of decision by these central organizations' can be debated ...
The lack of  fair financial return to those who are truly the inventors and designers of innovation is a well established abuse. Those who have invested heavily in their education and are inspired in the science of our world, deserve the reward.

Science should not be the slave of corporation profit. Innovators should have ownership of their invention, communities should directly benefit with an energy efficient and environmental quality of life, .... and corporation profits should be built on the value of what they actually contribute to the process.

Joining together technology, education, government, and business

Here is the TerraDesic Difference for Technologists:

  • Independent Scientists, Engineers, and Technologists, gathered together as a virtual international technology community, directly co-own the systems they create.
  • TerraDesic secures for project team members formal legal co-ownership and a predefined percentage revenue returns from  down-stream" revenues (licenses, royalties, manufacturing )
  • TerraDesic Projects must qualify as "manufacturable", ... Non-theoretical, Actual Scale,
    Ready-to-Prototype, .... created to fast-track revenues back to Project Team members. 
  • TerraDesic secures and defines the Innovation Team members, the percentage share of ownership for each individual, and it's legal rights to a project as  Property.
    This provided through the legal contract known as the Services/Mutual Intellectual Property Agreement.
  • TerraDesic secures on behalf of Team Members their rights of ownership by filing utility patents, as well as developing revenue opportunities for Team Members in the form of  licenses, royalties, and other manufacturing agreement incomes.

Here is the TerraDesic Difference for Communities:

  • {in progress, more to come!}

    Here is the TerraDesic Difference for Environmental and Energy Organization:

  • {in progress, more to come!}