Membership Categories

Members are categorized as:

Primary • • •  Associate • • • Commercial • • • Classroom

Primary Membership – subscription $35 USD per year, 60 day free trial.

Limited to academic and professional technologists, but not limited to just scientists or engineers.
Included would be machinists, fabricators, mold-makers, materials specialists, …. those involved in the tangible object aspects of technology. Also included are instrumentation/control  and software programmers who are object oriented to work with devices.

Primary Members will have a log-in portal to, members only forum, job board postings looking for services, request for bid projects, student internship offerings, and other members only services.
The major offering to Primary Members is the opportunity to review, and bid to be team members on Innovation Projects, from which they receive co-ownership of intellectual property and manufacturer revenues.

Primary Members are required to apply, with a very brief application that provides the basic details of the qualifications and experience of those who would like to join the TerraDesic Project. There is no cost to apply.


Associate Membership – subscription price is sliding scale based on organization’s financial ability, ranging from $100 per year to no charge

  • Environmental and Alternative Energy supporters or organizations
  • Government agencies – national, state, local, community economic development councils, community programs
  • Trade Associations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Individual Benefactors, (“Friends of TerraDesic”)

No special requirements for Associate Membership. Associate Members will receive newsletters, and be provided special access to the TerraDesic technology resources.


Commercial – subscription price $100 USD per year

  • Technology equipment manufacturers and suppliers
  • Technology dependent corporations
  • Financial Business Development and Investment services
  • Materials Manufacturers (plastics, chemicals, metals, etc.



Classroom – $35 per year/ per classroom,  secondary and middle school (ages of about 12 to 18, “high school” , “junior high school”)

  • Public or private  school students
  • Vocational Schools
  • After-School Clubs
  • Instructors and Supervisors