A Community is Born – Innovation, Innovators, and Integration


Welcome to the first of writings, about TerraDesic the organization, its hypothesis, and its goals.

The organization, is a for-profit corporation that organizes and manages international teams of technologists
into collaborative teams who begin an “Innovation Project” with a “hypothesis”, primarily in the fields of
energy and environmental that results in manufacturable goods that can be patented.

The mechanism that operates TerraDesic is a unique internet based software “engine”, which manages
and coordinates projects, memberships, and information. An international membership of thousands,
multiple innovation teams, simultaneous innovation projects, and I.P. to manufacture is possible.

TerraDesic is an international membership, exclusive to academic and professional technologists or skilled crafts.
The list would include all sciences, and engineering, but also take in materials specialists, machinists, fabricators, etc.
But in every case, these skilled would be directed to a tangible real-world scale prototype, feasible for commercialization.
Theory, or experimental laboratory scale systems, while possibly part of the process is not the aim.
The membership is a simple submitted application, yet intended to filter the group to valid technologists.
The fee is a modest annual $35 USD. And it is our belief by the sheer numbers of an international, virtual membership
the income can more than sustain the Terradesic infrastructure, and produce a base of profit.
Terradesic will include other classifications of membership with limited accesses that would allow classrooms,
environmental organizations, government, and other organizations to take advantage of the services TerraDesic creates.

While the corporation itself is set up to accept equity investments (sell stock), the actual results of the Innovation Projects,
the Utility Patents, licensing and royalty fees, and manufacture revenues are shared by the Innovation Project Team Members.
This co-ownership is created by a legal instrument called a Mutual Intellectual Property Agreement (Mutual I.P.).

And while TerraDesic manages the projects, facilitates patent submissions and filings, and markets the revenues from
innovation projects, … the participating team members receive the revenue streams developed from their contributions.
The projects begin as a “hypothesis” or assumption of process, method, and outcome. It is presented to the TerraDesic
members as essentially as an RFP (request for proposal). Members who would participate respond with a proposal,
that includes their qualifications, deliverables, and most importantly their “bid” as to percentage of ownership or “stock”
in the Mutual I.P. From these submissions TerraDesic will assemble a team and team leader, and begin the innovation project.

There are additional details available in other sections of our website, and more will be written on subsequent blogs,
but there are just a few more important points to include as part of today’s introduction:

TerraDesic does not have to “think up” every hypothesis for an innovation project. There is a Member Forum and a
Project Proposal Submissions,  that provides a resource for hypothesis.
And the auxiliary memberships of organizations and governments will undoubtedly also submit their needs as possible projects.

The word “TerraDesic” was coined from the famous innovator, Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic sphere design, …
….. which is linear connections to network of center points, creating a dimensional form.
TerraDesic’s virtual network creates in the same way, tangible form from a linear organizational logic,
connected by intellectual center points.

TerraDesic employs “Linear Logic”, to create the most streamlined process for delivery of concept-to-creation-to-community.

The Innovators enjoy the financial rewards of their contributions all the way through every process of the market-life
of the innovation, whether it be a third party’s license fees, manufacturing revenues, or payment for patent sale.

Investors in TerraDesic the corporation, receive returns from the membership subscriptions, as well as the portions
of profit for project revenues, and private sector consulting, received by TerraDesic.

The Community receives technology that is accessible, relevant, and feasible, to implement. And not only to utilize,
but to provide economic opportunity and applied learning. In future “blogs” we will discuss creating new “cottage industries”
for communities through open sources licensing, and introducing youths to applied learning logic skills.
Both revitalize the community, and stem the “exodus” of our young “best and brightest” out of already economically
challenged hometowns.

Thanks for reading through this first introductory “blog”. Obviously this leaves more questions than answers today.
Please feel free to write me: steven@terradesic.com
For the Scientists and Engineer readers, there are other subjects to come in the blog section more relevant to our interests,
“parasitic loads actuals”, “symbiotic energy chains”, “economy of scale”, “prototyping”, “value engineering, and more.
Below this writing is an illustration of the Innovation Project “road map”, with only a minimum of explanation but hopefully
it helps to visualize the TerraDesic project system and the direct benefits to our Innovator Members.

And lastly a quote from Buckminster Fuller:

“Technology paces industry, but there is a long lag in the process.
Industry paces economics.
It changes the tools, and makes for great ecological change.
And in that manner we come finally to everyday life”

The journey begins ……
Steven Bolgiano, Executive Director