You don’t have to be a scientist or engineer to be part of TerraDesic.
Technology, Education, Government, and Special Interests, do have their own forums.
And this is so each specialty remains relevant and accurate to its own interests and expertise.


  • Everyone – Join or Donate to TerraDesic. Your knowledge, expertise, and opinion will empower and reshape our future. TerraDesic has groups, projects, and forums organized by category, in order to remain relevant and productive.
  • Scientists/ Engineers – Join our Innovation Project Groups, or form your own.
  • Educators – Contact us for more information on “Classroom-to-Classroom International”, “Science Celebrity Mentors”, and “Applied Learning Programs”.
  • Community economic development organizations – Contact us about “Open Source Cottage Industry”, and “Region Specific Commerce Innovation”.
  • Special Interest Organizations – Harness the power of technology purposed for improved qualities of life. Participate to have your special priorities considered.


TerraDesic is a unique process to a create a “Common Community Good” by first empowering Innovators to receive the direct financial benefits of their accomplishments, … and second by forming collaborations with education and governments to be receptive to social technology innovation.

Although the key theme of the TerraDesic project is to provide science and technology specialists a system to cooperatively invent, and cooperatively own inventions for environmental and energy innovations …. As a community, we cannot benefit from cooperative innovation, unless as a community we support cooperative innovation.

Through your, membership, participating in our forums, direct feedback, special programs, and of course your donations, we can build and grow the Terradesic program.