The Primary Task of the TerraDesic Leadership is:
Facilitate Member Projects along the entire Innovation Path.
Concept, Communication, Design,
Patent, Manufacture, Shared Revenue

Steven Bolgiano –
TerraDesic Founder & Executive Director – Maryland, USA – Age: 65
Design Engineering, Three-Dimensional CAD Specialist, 3D Printed Prototype Assemblies
Companies Owned: TerraDesic LLC, Associated Artisans LLC, Planet Found LLC
Steven has a history of technology team-building, creative scientific and engineering applications,
a vision for an Innovators’ rights to direct revenue and profit, and the Community’s need for innovation benefit.

Special Interests:
Community accessible technology for energy and the environment
Three Dimensional pre-prototype design constructions
Thermal Optics, Hydrogen Generators, Anaerobic Processes
Community Education Programs
Last Accomplishment: Designed and built 200 cubic meter agricultural bio digester system for poultry waste-to-energy and environmental remedy.
Juraj Benadik
TerraDesic IT Director, Application Specialist & Programmer, Innovator Collaborations Software – Slovakia – Age 39
Juraj has traveled and lived in every part of the world, creating specialized software applications.
He has created custom software programming for online design and controls for robotics, and currently is generating Association Member coordination programming.
His contributions to TerraDesic will provide software applications for multiple team based innovation projects to operate simultaneously, coordinating an international set of specialty skills.
Company Owned: Aesculus Enterprises Inc.
Special Interests:
Interactive Online Image and Document Collaborations, G-Code/DXF applications, Java Script frameworks, Payment processing gateways, WordPress memberships
Last Accomplishment:
Customized Document / Image Share & QuickBooks/ PayPal integration for Web Portal
Jim Schneckenburger
Assemblies and Fabrication Specialist – Advisory “Friend of TerraDesic” – Wilmington, Delaware – Age: 52
Company Owned: Green Fabrication Technologies
Jim is a professional machinist, fabricator, systems assembly specialist, who has built green systems from invented technology specifications. His experience in fabrication, interest in, and support of the innovative technology community, is a welcome contribution as a volunteer .
Special Interests:
Construction of functioning mechanical systems for CO2 capture, Hydrogen Generation, Reflective Parabolic Heat, and Agricultural Waste-Nutrient Capture.
Last Accomplishment:
Designed the assembly of CO2 capture device, currently being tested in mining industry.

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